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Emotions in Colour Book Tag

Yet another tag from The Secret Library Book Blog. That blog is a goldmine for book tags. 1. BLUE → A BOOK THAT MADE YOU SAD. Raising Steam. Not really the book itself but the knowledge that it was nearly the last book Terry Pratchett ever wrote and the knowledge of what he was struggling… Continue reading Emotions in Colour Book Tag

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Rapid Fire Book Tag

I found this on The Secret Library Book Blog and, since I like quick tags, I'll give it go. eBooks or physical books? Got to be physical books. I just can't see myself reading eBooks. Also, audiobooks are brilliant. Paperback or hardback? For the sake of space, paperback. On-line or in-store shopping? In-store shopping. The… Continue reading Rapid Fire Book Tag

Reading Retrospective

June Reading Retrospective

Half of 2018 and the world hasn't blown up yet. Hooray! I really wanted to focus on the books I had at home and in my library before overloading my shelves with new books. It was a chance to tackle a few of the books on my TBR list and I'm very happy with the… Continue reading June Reading Retrospective

Reading Retrospective

2018 Mid Year Freak Ou

2018 is half-gone already. And, what have I done with it? This tag could either make me pleased or depressed. Only one way to find out! BEST BOOK YOU’VE READ SO FAR   You're probably sick of me talking about this but I feel like this may well be my book of the year. BEST… Continue reading 2018 Mid Year Freak Ou


Mini Book Un-haul

In the spirit of another upcoming Nanowrimo, I decided to do a proper clearout of my writing space, sweeping away a few books in the process. Just a few this time. It's so hard to let go of (some) books but, until a helpful witch casts an Undetectable Extension Charm on my shelves, needs must.… Continue reading Mini Book Un-haul

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A Letter To Doubt — All The Way YA

I’m in the middle of taking book coaching classes from Author Accelerator, and one of the assignments I completed this week was a letter to my doubt. I’ve never been much for grand statements, and honestly, writing this letter felt a little wonky to me. But, my doubt is a real thing. I wouldn’t say […]… Continue reading A Letter To Doubt — All The Way YA

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A copy of a post I did in June 2015 – Virginia Woolf: “The psychic risk of a novel such as Woolf’s The Waves is vast – particularly for someone for whom psychic risk was so potentially debilitating.” Written by Toby Litt who is a London-based writer. Hospital, his […] via WHAT MAKES BAD WRITING BAD… Continue reading WHAT MAKES BAD WRITING BAD — K. D. Dowdall