Weekly Updates

Weekly Update (21/2/16)

Weekly Word Count (as of 4.36pm): 1762

Currently reading: Mort by Terry Pratchett

It would be more but it is easy to be distracted by my surroundings and other commitments (including volunteering, a job interview and another upcoming job interview). However, I think I may have found the perfect solution.

This app: http://writersblock.io/

As soon as it’s activated, you cannot click out of it. Not to check your emails, go on Youtube or have a sneaky social media trip. It does not let you go until you have written for either a specific amount of time or written a specific amount of words. It’s perfect for someone who has trouble focusing in a distracting environment.

When I first used it, I was a bit put off by being unable to write in anything but the program (so I was unable to open up my latest chapter) but then I found I could easily save it as a text file so I can copy and paste it into my desired document.

It’s so far proved very effective so far. I think I’ll try upping my daily word target in light of this. Perhaps, to 400. I don’t want to make it too much or I’ll be tempted to write a lot of useless fluff for the sake of reaching my target.

I’m putting up my first piece of writing on this site today. I’ll make a seperate blog post about it with a link later.

Thanks for reading!


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