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Weekly Update (28/2/16)

Weekly Word Count: (as of 16:31) 2665.

Currently reading: Ash by Malinda Lo

Manuscript Word Count: 92,295

Wow, the Writer’s Block app really does work. I’ve upped my daily word count to 300 and, thanks to Writer’s Block, it doesn’t intrude on my other commitments at all. I’ve finished another chapter on my second novel and am now on Chapter 13. I’ve still only got a vague idea as to where I’m going to take but that’s good for me. Vague ideas allow for more flexibility whenever inspiration hits.

I’ve redrafted a science-fiction short story which had been sitting around on my USB for a long time and I’ve considered turning it into the first chapter of a full novel. The first chapter of which has been started but I’ve never got further than that. Some more brain storming is in order on that one. I might put the first chapter (the one first intended to be a short story) up on this blog when it’s ready, just as a taster for you.

As you may have noticed, I’ve put a new count on my weekly updates: the manuscript word count. I’m in the process of editing (*groan*) my first novel, which I have given the provisional name of ‘A Waking Dream’. It used to be 150,000 words, way too long for any publisher to accept, but I managed to cut it down to 100,000 in the first round of editing. Now, I’m in the second round and over halfway through. Since it does require a lot of tough decisions, it’s rather slow and laborious work. ‘A Waking Dream’ is a YA fantasy novel and, while that genre is known for word count flexibility, over 90,000 words is definitely pushing it too far. The trouble is that I’ve got myself too attached to what I’ve written that ‘killing my darlings’ is not easy. I can’t think of any scene I can feasibly let go of at the moment so I’m just going through the manuscript word for word to get rid of any unnecessary ones until I get a brainwave.

One last thing, thank you so much to LionAroundWriting, Time Honored Classical Literature & Musings and Short Tale Shrew for following me. I honestly wasn’t expecting any followers at this stage so I find it very flattering and encouraging. I hope I can reward you with another short story soon.

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