Short Synopsis of ‘A Waking Dream’

As promised, here's a link to the short synopsis of my first novel, 'A Waking Dream'. This was written as more of a warm-up to the real synopsis than one I would submit to a publisher. I'd love to know what you think of it. Does it make you want to read the novel? Can… Continue reading Short Synopsis of ‘A Waking Dream’

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Weekly Update (27/3/16)

Weekly word count (as of 7:38pm): 4275 Currently reading: Vampires, Burial and Death by Paul Barker Manuscript Word Count: 86531 I had a bit of a brainwave regarding my manuscript earlier in the week and cut out a lot of the ending chapters. I felt those were the weakest. They were just winding down to… Continue reading Weekly Update (27/3/16)

Extracts from Novels

Extract – The Twelve Moons of Curie

Here's the link to my first extract published on this site: the prologue to The Twelve Moons of Curie. As mentioned before, I wrote it during my MA and was originally intended as a stand-alone short story but I think it's better as the beginning of a novel with ensuing chapters detailing the adventures on… Continue reading Extract – The Twelve Moons of Curie

Novels, Short Stories, Weekly Updates

Weekly Update (13/3/16)

Weekly word count (as of 18:24): 4020 Currently reading: The Fire Sermon by Francesca Haig Manuscript Word Count: 91290 Isn't it amazing how much a brainstorm on paper can help inspiration? I've decided to abandon my second novel for a bit to focus on what may be a separate science fiction novel which I've tentatively… Continue reading Weekly Update (13/3/16)