Weekly Updates

Weekly Update (6/3/16)

Weekly word count (as of 17:20): 3024

Currently reading: Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine

Manuscript Count: 91,668

I’ve upped my word count again to 400. I think that’s about my optimum level. Any further and I might just write fluff for the sake of reaching my target. I’ve got a slightly better idea of where I’m going to take the story. I’m near the end of Chapter 14 and I think I’m going to introduce the tentatively-planned ‘big twist’. Oddly enough, in A Waking Dream, Chapter 14 was where the ‘big twist’ of that book was introduced. Perhaps, 14’s a lucky number for my writing.

My manuscript editing it still going a bit slow. I’ve taken out 627 words and I’m up to page 187 of 254. That’s something else I have to work on: page count. I think putting in the manuscript word count on these posts helps motivate me. I want to have something to report every week, after all.

I’ve been searching around WordPress for any vampire stories or myths that I could use for inspiration. I think I’ve found a good one in the form of Scarlett Memories. It’s got a good list of vampire myths and vampire short stories. Some of the short stories are stories I haven’t even heard of and I like to think I’ve read pretty widely so I’ll look over them when I have the time. It’s nice to know that, in such a specific genre, there’s still a lot to explore.


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