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Weekly Update (13/3/16)

Weekly word count (as of 18:24): 4020

Currently reading: The Fire Sermon by Francesca Haig

Manuscript Word Count: 91290

Isn’t it amazing how much a brainstorm on paper can help inspiration?

I’ve decided to abandon my second novel for a bit to focus on what may be a separate science fiction novel which I’ve tentatively called ‘The Twelve Moons of Curie’. I think I’ll put the first chapter (the prologue) up on this site to give you a taste of my novel writing. I do novels very well. Mostly because I tend to write too much, which is why I find editing so hard.

But, I digress. I got back to ‘The Twelve Moons of Curie’, the prologue I had written already as a short story which I tried to get published a few years ago. It was rejected and, coming back to it, I start to see why. It was way too long and unfocused and I’ve shorn off over 1000 words in one sitting. It’s much better now but I’ll put it up on this website before submitting anywhere else to see what you think.

I had started the first chapter, the story for the first moon of Curie, but abandoned it sometime afterwards to focus on my novel. No surprise, I’d forgotten what I had intended for that chapter. So, I pulled some paper towards me and started mind-mapping (or mind-spidering, whatever you want to call it). Then, inspiration just flowed. Whether it’s flowing in a good direction remains to be seen but the words are coming quicker now.

I haven’t done much manuscript editing. I’ve cut out only 378 words this week. I’ve been focusing on other things this week, mostly my driving theory test. I really want to pass it first time (and not pay for a second test) so I’ve been doing a lot of practise during what would have been free time for editing. The good news is that I’m doing well on the theory test and passed the last four mock tests. I just need to iron out the last few kinks and polish my hazard perception performance and I might be ready to take it as early as next week. Wish me luck!


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