Short Stories, Weekly Updates

Weekly Update (20/3/16)

Weekly word count (as of 18:30): 4333

Currently reading: Dangerous Women Part III edited by George R R Martin and Gardner Dozois

Manuscript Word Count: 90272

The 1,018 words I’ve shaved off my manuscript was more down to two intense sessions than any continuous editing. I’ve had a bit more free time than I thought I would this week. Mainly because of the fact that I’ve been offered a job so I don’t have to devote hours to writing out job applications and can focus a bit more on writing. I suppose I really have to focus on my writing now as I won’t have time in a few weeks. It still hasn’t really sunk in that I’ll be officially employed soon.

Also, I don’t have to practise for my theory test. Not for a good while anyway. The test centres nearby are all booked solid until April and I won’t be able to take my theory test for weeks now. I’m very, very annoyed about that. I was so ready this week too.

I haven’t added anything to my second novel and I’ve left the first short story of the Twelve Moons of Curie for the moment. I did start a second draft on the latter as the first draft was proving way too long but I’ve left it for now to start a new short story which I know will definitely not turn into a novel. I used my old standby of using the first lines of songs to inspire a story and, in this case, it was ‘What Took You So Long’ by Emma Bunton. So the line ‘talk to me’ is going to recur a lot in the story. I’m about three quarters of the way through it (again, mind maps are great) and I’ve got a few magazines in mind to send it to. If that doesn’t work, I’ll submit it on this website for you all to enjoy.


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