Novels, Short Stories, Weekly Updates

Weekly Update (3/4/16)

Weekly Word Count: 4198

Currently Reading: Poe’s Children, edited by Peter Straub

Manuscript Word Count: 84519

This was the last semi-free week I had to work on my writing as I start my new job tomorrow so I tried to make the most of it. I managed to chop down my manuscript by about 2000 words and finished a couple of short stories but I’m not terribly proud of either of them.

One short story was the second draft of a 4000 word one I intend to send to a couple of science fiction magazines. While I think I managed to get a good plot, I don’t think I wrote it very well and I still need to chop it down a good bit. I especially need to think of a better way to write the ending.

The other was my latest attempt at flash fiction. I’m…not terribly good at it. I used the dice writing prompts features in Writer’s Forum for ideas and, while the ideas sounded good to me (one of them involved a witch), the story itself certainly needs a bit of polishing. Still, it’s early days yet.

I’ve also gone back to my second novel and sent off the first chapter and full synopsis of A Waking Dream to the Bath Novel Award. It’s a bit of a long shot but so was the interview that got me my new job. Besides, even if I don’t get anything, it feels good to send something out. Much better than just trying to wittle my novel down to below 80k words every day and feeling like you’re going nowhere fast.

I hope to scrape together enough free time to keep at my novels in my lunch breaks and after work but no promises!


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