Novels, Short Stories, Weekly Updates

Weekly Update (10/4/16)

Weekly Word Count: 3754

Currently reading: Poe’s Children by Peter Straub (still. It is a long anthology)

Manuscript Word Count: 82,887

I’ve reached the end of my manuscript now but, as you can see, I still haven’t chopped out enough. I won’t lie. This is starting to get a little frustrating. Not just because I’ve had so little time to do it these days.

I’ve decided to focus my editing on the weekends, since I would have more time and thinking space to do it rather than during my lunch breaks at work. I still want to do a bit of writing at the weekends but not as much as I do during my lunch breaks.

You’d think work would hinder me from writing as I wouldn’t have as much time to do it but, if anything, it’s improved my performance. Since time is at such a premium during my lunch hour, I really do focus on writing and I can get to 500 words easy. I even got near to 1000 on one day.

I haven’t started anything new. I’ve just been marching on with my second novel. I had a bit of a brainwave and in the middle of what could be the game-changing chapter. I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen next. I need to give that a bit more thought and planning. Perhaps, I’ll have another go at Flash Fiction and try sending it to Writer’s Forum. I’ll see how it goes.


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