Novels, Weekly Updates

Weekly Update (17/4/19)

Weekly Word Count: 3725

Currently reading: Poe’s Children by Peter Straub (getting very sick of it now)

Manuscript Word Count: 81,453

I made some good headway with my manuscript considering I did the editing over just two days. I’ve cut out nearly 1,500 words and I’m still on Chapter 2. It’s not just cutting stuff out that I need to focus on, mind, but joining things up too. After such harsh sheering, I may have left a few frayed ends and plotholes that I’ll need to tidy up.

Regarding my second novel, I’ve gone through a pretty depressing scene. My main character, Gem, had committed a small crime without meaning to and has just been arrested. I want him to face the consequences of his actions as too many authors give their characters a narrative ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card whenever they do something illegal but, wow, it is difficult. I so want to get Gem out of it and not have him face punishment but I know I have to as it’ll be better for the story. Maybe, that’s why my mood’s been a bit low in my everyday life. Does anyone else find that what they’re writing affects their mood e.g. you’re happy if you’ve made your characters happy and you’re sad if you’ve made your characters sad?

Maybe, I’ll stop writing or just write less this week. I really want to focus on editing. At this rate, I might not finish this editing sweep until August.


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