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Weekly Update (24/04/16)

Weekly Word Count: 2577

Currently reading: Sourcery by Terry Pratchett (I am so glad to have finally finished Poe’s Children. It’s a good book and I’d recommend it for those looking for high-brow horror but it’s not a book to be picked up lightly)

Manuscript Word Count: 79482

Yes! I’ve finally done it! I’ve finally dragged my manuscript kicking and screaming below the 80k word mark! That was in part helped by a family gathering this weekend. I stayed for the night at my nan’s house which doesn’t have an Internet connection and, with nothing else to distract me, I managed to get on with quite a lot. The outing is also why I’m writing this so late. I only got back home at about 7:30pm. These family events can go a bit nuts.

Anyway, I’m up to about page 87 out of 210 and on Chapter 9 so I can still stand to cut out a bit more. I’ve been trying to improve the wording of the story as well. I’ve noticed that I have the tendency to put unnecessary phrases like ‘at this point’ before the action so cutting them out went a long way. I’m also trying to change the boring words into better ones, even if it’s just turning ‘said’ into ‘replied’, because I know it’ll make all the difference.

I’m still working on my second novel and I did give in a bit and give my main character a chance to lessen the punishment for his crime but I still want him to get a hefty punishment. I just need to work up the nerve for it and I think I might be dragging out a diversionary action sequence a bit to avoid it. I’ll have to bring myself in check and, in the words of Monty Python, ‘get on with it’.


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