Novels, Short Stories, Weekly Updates

Weekly Update (01/05/2016)

Weekly Word Count: 1509

Currently reading: Sourcery by Terry Pratchett (I’m not really getting into it yet so I’m going slow)

Manuscript Word Count: 78,236

I haven’t written as much this week and I have a very good excuse. The deadline for the Writer’s Forum Flash Fiction Competition was this Friday so I took Thursday off to work on drafting and redrafting my chosen flash fiction. It’s about a witch who turns bullets into water. I got the idea from the fiction square feature they gave to produce prompts according to rolls of the dice. It’s a long shot, I know. I’m very inexperienced with short stories and especially with flash fiction. Still, at least, I’m in with a shot and, like I said in a previous post, it feels good to actually send something out. If I don’t win anything, I’ll post it on this website for you to read.

I’ve got an email announcing the longlist for the Bath Novel Competition. It didn’t give a list but said the longlisted authors would get an email shortly. I haven’t received one so I can presume I wasn’t shortlisted. Ah, well. I knew it was a long shot and I know at least one other person has read my first chapter now. That’s something to comfort myself with.

Speaking of my novel, I’m beyond the halfway point in my editing and, as you can see by the numbers, it’s still going well. I’ve shaved off another 1,000 words and I’ve still got a long way to go. I’m slowing down a bit, though. I’m not using my free time productively enough and keep getting distracted by the Internet. If only there was the equivalent of a Writer’s Block app for existing documents. If any of you know of one, please let me know. It would really be helpful.


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