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Weekly Update (08/05/2016)

Weekly Word Count: 2962

Currently reading: The Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes

Manuscript Word Count: 76,354

I wrote more than I did last week but not on my novel. This month, I’ve decided to build up an up-to-date portfolio of short stories using the May Book Prompts I found on thesarahdoughty‘s blog. My success has been varied to say the least. With only limited time to write, I haven’t really had time to think of something inspired out of these book titles. Either way, I haven’t completed a short story out of any of them yet, just written a few hundred words with the intention of returning to them later and fleshing them out (or just plain rewriting them). When I complete them and am happy with them, I’ll post them up on this website and see what you think of them.

My editing’s going well. I got a bit of extra motivation from a tumblr post detailing the word counts of all the Harry Potter books. And my word count is below the first book, the shortest of the series. I’m about three quarters of the way through now so, who knows, I might dip under 70K words yet.

Again, I’ve noticed that I’ve done my best work and been most focused during the weekday. When time is at a premium, my focus is much stronger and it’s easier to resist the urge to distract myself. During the weekend, when presented with a plethora of choice of what to do with my time, it’s so easy to just flick onto Youtube and waste an hour you could have spent writing something brilliant.

What do you guys do to prevent distractions? Apart from turn off the wifi router?


1 thought on “Weekly Update (08/05/2016)”

  1. Regardless if they help you now, they may serve you well in the future. Thank you for the ping back, I’m happy to hear that you were at least inspired to try. Be well and best of luck!


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