Short Stories, Weekly Updates

Weekly Update(18/05/2016)

Weekly Word Count: 2622 (as of Sunday)

Currently Reading: Magic’s Pawn by Mercedes Lackey

Manuscript Word Count: 75,586 (as of Wednesday)

This is very late but I have a very good excuse. I spent the latter part of last week on a holiday in Florence and have only just managed to get my routine back on track. Holidays really do have a tendency to knock you off your stride somewhat.

I had hoped that I could use this holiday as an opportunity to get a lot of reading and writing done between seeing the sights. Usually, holidays are quite good for stimulating the creative juices. I had my best idea for a plot twist in my first novel while sitting a hotel room in Malcesine. I even brought three books in expectation of getting through at least two in four days. But, my old nemesis, free wifi, crippled my focus and I couldn’t even get through one book, let alone write more than 400 words per day. I’m sticking with the May Book Prompts and I’m finding that most of the ideas I had for those stories circle around some kind of theft or stealth activity. Dunno whether that means I’m being very unimaginative or something else.

The new issue of Writer’s Forum will come out tomorrow and I haven’t received anything back from them about my short story so it doesn’t look like I won the Flash Fiction Competition. I’ll publish my short story on my blog then and you’re welcome to comment on it and tell me what I could have done to improve it.


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