Weekly Update (26.06.2016)

Weekly Word Count: 4750 Currently reading: Vampire Hunter D: Volume 1 Nothing like bad news and bad weather to get your writing going. With all the gloomy news both current and predicted, I have ample excuse to turn my back on reality and devote my thoughts to fictional worlds. At least, there, some of them… Continue reading Weekly Update (26.06.2016)


Weekly Update (19/06/2016)

Weekly Word Count: 7158 Currently reading: Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett (nearly at the end) My weekly word count was quite high this time but most of that word count went towards a writing project that I'm never going to be able to publish: a.k.a. fanfiction. Yes, I did start out writing fanfiction. Harry Potter… Continue reading Weekly Update (19/06/2016)