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Weekly Update (19/06/2016)

Weekly Word Count: 7158

Currently reading: Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett (nearly at the end)

My weekly word count was quite high this time but most of that word count went towards a writing project that I’m never going to be able to publish: a.k.a. fanfiction.

Yes, I did start out writing fanfiction. Harry Potter fanfiction, as a lot of people did. I officially ‘retired’ from writing fanfiction six years ago but, in recent years, I’ve gone back to it. I find it a really good writing exercise, especially since I don’t have to waste time on exposition and can get straight down to improving my skills in the more important aspects like character and storytelling. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to hone those skills. Did anyone else start out in fanfiction or likes to moonlight in fanfiction from time to time?

I’ve decided I’m going to provide something a little more meaningful to this blog in future than just weekly updates on my work. Since I’m a vampire novel writer, I think I would like to offer my opinion on various vampire novels in the past. So, sometime in the future, I’ll start producing reviews of the various vampire novels that I’ve read or have influenced my work. I’ve collected all of the vampire novels on my shelves (if it’s a series, I pick the first one) and I intend to reread them all once I’ve finished Wyrd Sisters.

Once I’ve started, I’ll post the criteria with which I’ll be judging each book. I can’t provide any concrete timescale yet but it will be soon.


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