Reviews, Weekly Updates

Weekly Update (26.06.2016)

Weekly Word Count: 4750

Currently reading: Vampire Hunter D: Volume 1

Nothing like bad news and bad weather to get your writing going. With all the gloomy news both current and predicted, I have ample excuse to turn my back on reality and devote my thoughts to fictional worlds. At least, there, some of them have good judgement!

But, I don’t intend to use this blog post as a rant on current events. Instead, I intend to introduce you to my reviewing system. I’ve been re-reading Vampire Hunter D: Volume 1 and am about 30 pages away from the end. I was hoping to do a weekly review but I think I’ll have to make it fortnightly. There’s no way I can read a book through thoroughly and write a well-written review in a week.

But, I can give you my reviewing system: the CROWS system. For each book I review, I’ll be giving a mark out of 10 on:


  • Are the characters interesting?
  • Are the characters likeable/dislikeable in the right ways?
  • Are the characters human? Do they make mistakes?
  • Do the characters develop over the course of the book?


  • Has the author done their research on:
    • The setting and its culture
    • The history (if applicable)
    • Science/Psychology
    • The vampire genre/mythology


  • Does the author add something new to the vampire genre?
  • Does the author invert/defy narrative clichés?
  • Does the author poke fun at the clichés?


  • Is the world an interesting one?
  • Is it a believable one?
  • How detailed is it?


  • Is the story enjoyable?
  • Does it have the right tone/pace?
  • Does it hold your interest throughout?
  • Is it just a good novel in general?

When that’s done, I’ll total up the score, double it up (for ease of calculations) and give the book a blood group like so:

O Positive: 0-30

A Positive: 30-40

B Positive: 40-50

O Negative: 50-60

A Negative: 60-70

AB Positive: 70-80

B Negative: 80-90

AB Negative: 90-100

No offence to anyone with O Positive, A Positive or B Positive blood. I don’t mean by that scoring system that those blood types are inferior, just that they’re very common and bad vampire fiction is sadly common and only 1 in a hundred vampire novels are really good, which is about the same odds of a person having AB Negative blood.

While I’m reviewing, feel free to suggest a book you think I would like or you would like to see reviewed.


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