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Vampire Hunter D – Volume 1

I set the CROWS on Hideyuki Kikuchi’s first Vampire Hunter D novel as my first review. It turned out longer than expected and I expected to give it a higher score than I did but don’t let it put you off. It’s still a good read.

Here’s the first two paragraphs:



We certainly got an interesting introduction to Doris and D. We meet the pair of them as Doris engages D in a fight to gauge his skills and we see she’d not averse to using dirty tactics when she uses full frontal nudity as a distraction. I’d like to say their characters stayed interesting but they don’t. Most of the interest is taken by what’s happening around them rather than their internal reactions. Out of the two, I would definitely say that D is the more interesting but only because of his abilities, his history and that weird left hand. He is powerful but he does have weaknesses e.g. Time-Bewitching Incense and a vampire side that can flare up at awkward moments. However, he can appear to be a bit overpowered at times and the time he takes to defeat Count Lee seems rather excessive.

Doris, on the other hand, is a classic heroine – an ordinary girl with extraordinary abilities in charge of providing for her family (the absent parents cliche is ever present) but with little more to endear herself than that. She does have her limits and does break down a few times. She also develops somewhat over the book but in a negative way as her feelings for D start getting in the way of her tough, self-sufficient attitude. Still, I’m grateful for any kind of development.’

Read the full review here


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