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Weekly Update (10/07/2016)

Weekly Word Count (as of 4:42pm): 3924

Currently reading: American Vampire by Jennifer Armintrout

I managed to finish The Rest Falls Away quicker than I thought so I’ve started on the review early. I certainly should have it ready and up on my blog this time next week.

As for my novels, I’ve decided to give sending my manuscript out to agents a bit of a break. After cutting out my first chapter, there are a few ‘frayed’ edges that need to be neated up e.g. references to deleted scenes, missing character descriptions and just general narrative untidiness. Instead, I polished off a short story and sent it to Writer’s Forum. I’m a subscriber and I also paid extra for some feedback. None of the agents will provide feedback to rejected manuscript and feedback is worth every penny.

I seem to have hit a bit of a dead end at the second novel again. My character is in an argument with another and I’m not sure how to get him out of it. I definitely know he’s going to come off worse but, apart from that, I don’t know much else. I’ll need to have another think on that.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Update (10/07/2016)”

    1. Hope you find it easier than I did. I’m finding that editing and polishing is a never-ending and sometimes painful task. Just when I think I’ve got it perfect, I find something else wrong with it and getting nothing from radio silence from agents can be very disheartening, especially when some give such long timescales for responses (ten to twelve weeks, sometimes).

      I’ve taken to saving a lot of copies of my manuscript, just in case an agent gets back to me and wants the original version rather than the one I edited while waiting for their response. It takes up a lot of computer space but better safe than sorry.

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      1. I do the same with manuscript saves. Best of luck getting it all sorted, generally seems to be a waiting game, and at least the positive of that is that is us writers can write in the meantime ☺


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