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The Rest Falls Away

Next up to be picked apart by CROWS is The Rest Falls Away by Colleen Gleason and, boy, was there a lot of gristle and not a lot of good meat for them.

Here’s an extract (and probably the most positive things I have to say about the book):


This book has some really well-written characters and some really badly-written ones and, surprisingly, there’s about an equal ratio in both the male and female category. First, the well-written characters.

Victoria Grantworth, our main hero and new Venator (vampire hunter), is an ordinary Regency debutante made extraordinary by her inheritance of vampire-hunting capabilities. She runs the risk of being just a soldier in a ballgown, blindly following orders whether it’s finding a dance partner or slaying a vampire. However, she manages to show enough autonomy to drive the plot forwards. She finds the information about the McGuffin the main villain wants and manages to claim it. She also shows herself capable of making mistakes too: the biggest of which being marrying Phillip Rockley but I’ll get to that later. She’s proud and sometimes sharp-tongued but is still as good with diplomacy as she is with a stake. She does learn from her mistakes too: after going it alone to retrieve the McGuffin and nearly losing it to the enemy, she remembers to bring along a few allies when she faces the Big Bad. She’s a good heroine and shows promise of being better in later books.’

Read the full review here


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