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Weekly Update (17/07/2016)

Weekly Word Count: 4362

Currently reading: American Vampire by Jennifer Armintrout

I’ve given the first few chapters of my manuscript a good polish and have sent it out to another agent today. I think I’m going to try sending off my manuscript to agents every other week rather than every week. I’ve sent it out to six already and every agent has a timescale of at least six weeks so it’ll be while before I hear from them. I don’t think I really want responses to come in all at once and, besides, it’ll give me more time to work on my other stuff, such as my reviews. In fact, I think I’ll alternate between sending out a manuscript and posting a review.

I’ll start the week after next as my birthday is next Sunday and my weekend’s a bit full at the moment. Besides, I think it’ll be okay for me to take a break for one week.

My least productive day of the week was Monday and for a good reason. I failed my driving test first time and it was a huge personal disappointment for me. I tried to write to distract myself with writing but it didn’t work. My emotions really got in the way of my writing and I really had to force myself to get any words on the document. So much for the myth that masterpieces are created through pain. Does anyone else feel a drop in their writing motivation and quality when they’re feeling low or does it actually make it better?

Still, I managed to finish my The Rest Falls Away Review. It’s turned out a lot longer than the last one. Probably, because I’ve got more negative things to say about it. I’ll post it in a moment.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Update (17/07/2016)”

  1. I sent out approx 14 queries to agents. I spaced them out over a two week period and based on responses, do not be worried about getting lots of replies clustered around the same time – they all operate on different timescales.
    My advice if you have time would be to send out as many as you have time for.
    And after mostly rejections, I am glad I didnt send out 20 or 30 as I know what to change in a query and and proposal/ samples etc and realise my book can be improved and shortened, so I saved myself work by holding back a bit.

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    1. I’m actually thinking about putting my queries on hold now to do more work on my manuscript. I got a rejection from the agent I mentioned in this blogpost less than twenty four hours after sending them my first three chapters. I know it’s common to get rejections but I consider that a very bad sign. Or, is it? Did you ever get a rejection that quick?

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      1. Dont worry about how fast they come back. If anything its a good thing, you know sooner rather than later they arent interested.
        I had some rapid ones for short stories too. Its not a reflection of you writing.


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