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Weekly Update (31/07/2016)

Weekly Word Count: 4887

Currently (re)reading: Marked by P.C. and Kristin Cast

Sorry I didn’t make a post last week. I had been out all day on both Saturday and Sunday so I didn’t have any time to write, let alone make a blogpost. Still, I didn’t have anything to report. Now, I do.

I got my feedback for a short story I sent to Writer’s Forum. I didn’t win anything but, at least, I got a sheet of feedback, which is always useful. The gist of it was that it needs work but it has potential. I’m going to post it on this website to see what you guys think. Comments are always welcome and don’t be afraid to criticise.

I’ve also started doing some more major changes to my manuscript and sending it out to agents has been put on hold in the meantime. I decided to make two minor male characters female as there was really no good reason why they had to be male. I’ve also decided to delete a small subplot as it occurred to me that it didn’t make much sense. After a bit of thought, I realised that the police probably wouldn’t put a blanket ban on witnesses using their phones for anything, even if it wasn’t related to the crime. Or, do they?

A week off has allowed me to steam along with my next review. It’s not quite done yet but it will definitely be ready by next week. I have a feeling I’m going to need this headstart for the longer books I’ll review in the future. In the meantime, I’m going to get through the shorter books before tackling in the big ones.

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