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American Vampire

It’s American Vampire’s turn to be picked apart by CROWS and, this time, they got a good meal out of it. Here’s an extract from the review:


This is definitely the best part of the book. The characters are not only interesting but they are only human (psychologically speaking). They make mistakes and they live with the consequences.

Let’s start with the main vampire and male point of view: Graf McDonald. He’s definitely not the cliché tragic hero who’s unbearably conflicted about his bloodlust. He is arrogant and completely unashamed of what he is. I love vampires like that. Not only that but he doesn’t lose that attitude throughout the course of the book. He warms to the female human lead but, when he hears of a vampire treating a human mistress badly, he still thinks they were careless rather than cruel. He’s an interesting, exciting male lead who really isn’t as bad as he’d like everyone to think.’

Read the full review here


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