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Weekly Update (14/08/2016)

Weekly Word Count: 3248

Currently (re)reading: Glass Houses by Rachel Caine

This weekend was the polar opposite to the last. My most productive day was Saturday when I spent about four hours of the day stuck in a traffic jam. Audiobooks failed to distract me so I dug out my tablet and wrote a few hundred words on both my second novel and a short story. I had hoped to send that short story in question to Writer’s Forum and give the monthly writing competition another go. However, the two main characters are lesbians and, though that’s not the main focus of the story, I do worry if Writer’s Forum will take that it. It does seem to be mostly older people writing to and running the magazine. Will that make them more conservative and can you recommend any other magazines or websites that might be more accepting.

I spent the weekend at a relative’s house and, since it’s small, I really couldn’t afford to be doing anything other than writing. I’m paranoid about someone looking over my shoulder and seeing something awkward (or embarrassing) to explain. That’s not because I look at those sort of things regularly, mind! I just find writing easier to explain than, say, a Youtube video or a tumblr post.

Sunday was also productive. Most of my word count is to my next review. I do want to get ahead with it and I’m happy to say that it’s nearly half done. I just wish I could have said more happy things about the book in question but I won’t give anything away until next week.



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