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I picked up this book when I was doing my Master’s degree. A charity shop had the first nine books in the House of Night on sale and a 2 for 1 deal on all books. So, naturally, I swept them all up and devoured each one in a matter of days. That was years ago but, this time around, I can’t say I’m as thrilled with them.

It’s another poor meal for the CROWS this time around. Meaty in some areas but the gristle sticks in the throat. Here’s an extract:


First off, Zoey Redbird is your classic (and tiresome) girl with extraordinary powers who just wants to be normal. As if this cliche wasn’t tiresome enough, she makes it worse by moaning about it at least three times in the book, saying she just wants to be normal but giving her no good reason for this desire. As a result, she seems less conflicted and more bratty and ungrateful. While the author pelts us with her likes and dislikes in modern culture, she doesn’t do much in developing Zoey as a character and some of her views are downright inconsistent. At the beginning of the book, she doesn’t want to realise her destiny as a vampire (sorry, vampyre) because it will make her a freak but, once she’s at the House of Night, she can’t stop singing their praises. She shows no meaningful development, is far too overpowered and does merely what Nyx and the author expects her to.’

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