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Weekly Update (29/08/2016)

Weekly Word Count (fiction): 3170 (22/8-28/8 only)

Weekly Word Count (reviews): 72

Currently (re)reading: Night World Volume 1 by L.J.Smith

Apologies for the lateness of this update. I was visiting relatives over the weekend and, since the relative I was staying with didn’t have an internet connection, I couldn’t make a post on Sunday. My word counts are only including the work I did from Monday to Sunday and I won’t count today’s work until next Sunday.

While you would think no Internet would provide a good kick up the backside, it didn’t really produce the high daily word counts you would expect. Neither did the long car journeys to and from our destination. However, it wasn’t completely unproductive. I did manage to hoover up a few other tasks around writing not related to actually getting words on the page but ones that I’ve been badgering myself to complete for some time. I managed to finish both the book and my notes on the book I’m going to review next week so I’ve been able to make a start on it. I’ve also made good headway on the next book I’m reviewing, which is a collection of three short stories. Short story collections are a bit of a challenge for my reviewing system but, since these ones take place in the same universe, I’ll tackle this one as normal.

I’ve also managed to write another flash fiction story for the Writer’s Forum Flash Comp and not a minute too soon as the deadline is tomorrow. I just submitted it about half an hour ago and, as usual, if it doesn’t go anywhere, I’ll submit it on my blog for you to judge.

I also, at last, did some serious thinking on where I want my second novel to go. I’ve set myself the target of getting at least the first draft done by the end of this year which I think is achievable if I keep on as I am and I keep to the plan I drew up. The trouble is that I keep getting better ideas and it’s very tempting to follow them without proper thought. I’ll just have to restrain myself to the plan and I can always go back to introduce the ideas I come up with later. If they really are that brilliant, they should be able to stay with me until I need them.


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