Stealth Experiment No. 35

Here's a flash fiction I wrote for Writer's Forum Flash Fiction Competition. The prompt was to begin and end the story with 'when he looked again, it was gone'. Here's the beginning: 'When he looked, it wasn’t there. Very good. Mr (not doctor, never doctor) Bluewell turned back to look at the door again. If… Continue reading Stealth Experiment No. 35


Weekly Update (25/09/2016)

Currently (re)reading: Blood and Ice by Robert Masello Weekly Word Count: 1790 Review Weekly Word Count: 2141 You might have noticed that my review word count is a lot higher than my fiction word count. That was because, seeing as I don't want to cut it fine with my reviews like I did last time,… Continue reading Weekly Update (25/09/2016)

Ancient vampires in Africa and Asia — Scarlett Memories

§ Asia § “The jumping corpse” was the Chinese version of a vampire, the main difference being that it would pray on the life essence, not necessarily on the blood of flesh. The Chinese vampires also bare the name of “Jiang Shi”, dead with green skin, covered in fungus, that return from beyond to kill… Continue reading Ancient vampires in Africa and Asia — Scarlett Memories

Superstitions on how to eradicate a vampire

Scarlett Memories

Cut off the vampires head and you basically end the creature’s undead existence. This is based on the time`s belief that the center of the undead is the brain. This is true for zombies, but for a vampire the heart is the “vital” organ. Many corpses would be beheaded to prevent a supposed vampire from attacking. In some cases the head was buried at the feet or in a separate grave in the belief that it the creature would still rise he wouldn`t be able to use his senses therefore he would be easy to destroy.

First, a stake of wood or metal has to be driven through a vampire’s heart, as well as as pinning it to the ground. Then a ritual, or exorcism, is performed to render the vampire helpless. Finally the head must be severed and either buried separately from the body or both parts…

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