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Glass Houses

This one’s another charity shop find but, this time around, I’m glad I picked it up. A very good meal for the CROWS indeed. Here’s an extract:


Claire Danvers is an ordinary girl done right. For a start, she isn’t an ordinary girl. She’s a smart girl who got the best grades to get away from her bullies, only for her overprotective parents to unwittingly throw her in the path of an even worse bully. Claire starts off as a victim, unable to fight back in any meaningful way, and a bit of a crybaby but, really, who can blame her in such a situation? She is completely isolated and running for her life from one of the worst bullies you can imagine. However, she slowly becomes stronger and more resourceful as she is given a motive beyond personal survival and the confidence to proactively seek methods of protection for her and her friends from the ruling vampires of the town. She’s by no means a kick-ass action hero by the end and she’s still a little immature and insecure but that feels natural. Change doesn’t occur overnight. There are many more books in the series and she’s got plenty of time to develop. For now, I’m happy with how far she’s come.’

Read the full review here

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