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Weekly Word Update (4/9/2016)

Currently (re)reading: Night World Volume 1 by L.J.Smith

Weekly Word Count (fiction): 3740

Weekly Word Count (review): 2733

Manuscript Word Count: 69051

As you may have noticed, the manuscript word count is back. I didn’t put it on my last update as I didn’t work on it last week and thus didn’t have anything to report. This week however, I think I’ve improved my time management skills by the simple expedient of setting an alarm on my phone to go off when I should finish writing and go onto something else. Not only does it keep me from getting tired of one task but gives me the incentive I need to actually do it and not waste my time on other things. It’s helped a lot over the weekend when I’m usually rather cut adrift with so much time on my hands. I’ll have even more time now that I’ve passed my driving test at last and thus don’t have to do any lessons or practise for a while.

What also helped (though it was much less pleasant) was coming down with a 24 hour stomach bug on Thursday. I couldn’t go into work and, during the periods when I felt alright, I got to work writing. In terms of my review, that was my most productive day.

I’m almost right in the middle of my manuscript now and am working on rewriting a crucial scene. In previous drafts, the main character had met the other character before but, in this rewrite, this is their first meeting and this might have repercussions over the whole book. A sort of literary butterfly effect. It’s not just my novels I’ve been working on either. I’ve had my review to do and a short story which I felt compelled to do since it had been inspired by a story I heard on the radio and thus wanted to write it while it was fresh in my mind. I’ve just finished it today and, while it’s definitely a very rough first draft, I’m happy with it and I’ll look around for places to send it once it’s been polished.

I’ve also been reblogging a few articles on vampire mythology. This is mostly for my reference but also for your enjoyment. I got both of them from Scarlett Memories, a website I highly recommend for vampire lore. The website has a good wide range of short stories too, which I still haven’t got around to reading thoroughly yet.

Anyway, as usual, I’ll post my next review straight after this update and you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s a positive one this time.


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