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Weekly Update (11/09/2016)

Currently (re)reading: Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K Hamilton

Weekly Word Count: 2427

Manuscript Word Count: 69163

My weekly word count is a bit lower than usual and that’s because I wanted to spend more time this week on redrafting a short story and my manuscript and getting to the end of Night World: Volume 1. If I review the other two books I have in my possession, I think I’ve going to have to give them more time because, with their main story-lines and simply door-stopper size, it took me a lot longer to read. I’m only just starting to make my notes before starting on the review. Since it’s the weekend, I decided to focus on Research first rather than Character and that required the most use of the Internet for fact-checking and, boy, was there a lot of it in this book. I only hope I can get the review done in time. My word count may be even lower this week as a result.

My manuscript word count has also increased and, while that seems counter-intuitive, it’s because I’m redoing a scene. I’m actually struggling a bit on it. I want it to lead into an assault and the first major fight but I want to do it without falling back on cliches. The fact that it takes place around an abandoned building doesn’t help matters. I’ll have to give it some serious thought.

The short story I mentioned earlier was submitted to the Writer’s Forum short story competition and, again, I paid a bit more for feedback. It was based on a story that I heard on Radio 4 and I won’t give anything else away here. If it’s not published in the magazine, I’ll post it here as usual.


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