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Night World – Volume One

It’s been ages since I read this. I think I got it because the third book caught my eye at an airport. When I got back from holiday, I found the first book and ended up getting Volume 2 and 3 in time as well. It’s got a few good ideas which I built upon my books but, re-reading it now from a critical standpoint, there’s not much for the CROWS to enjoy.

Here’s an extract:

‘First off, a disclaimer. I am well aware that only 2 out of the 3 stories in this volume contain vampire characters. However, I’m still going to review all of them as the stories and creatures all coexist in the same fictional world.


One of the downsides of a collection like this is that there’s little opportunity to properly develop characters. However, the author has made a good effort to differentiate each narrative and, for the most part, succeeds.

I think I like Poppy from Secret Vampire best. Her ceaseless optimism makes her story a fun read but, unfortunately, she suffers from the same problems as Zoey Redbird. While she’s certainly not ungrateful to be rid of her cancer through vampirism, she still adopts difficult skills far too easily, she has a family that seems to exist just to get in the way (especially her brother) and she, of course, falls in love with our hot vampire boy of the evening.’

Read the full review here.


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