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Weekly Update (25/09/2016)

Currently (re)reading: Blood and Ice by Robert Masello

Weekly Word Count: 1790

Review Weekly Word Count: 2141

You might have noticed that my review word count is a lot higher than my fiction word count. That was because, seeing as I don’t want to cut it fine with my reviews like I did last time, I’ve been focusing on my review all weekend. I’ve only got a small part of World Building and Story to do now so, hopefully, I should have it done in plenty of time to redraft and get down to the reading for my next review. I’ve already started the latter but it is a denser book than my previous fare so it might take a while.

I also decided to focus on my review to give me a break from my second novel. I’m currently still stuck in the same scene as last week so I hope that some time away from it will help me figure out how to move things on. If all else fails, I may start a new chapter in the scene I want to get to and then work out a transition in a later draft.

In the meantime, I didn’t get any response from Writer’s Forum about my flash fiction entry so, true to my promise, I’ll post it here straight after this post. Don’t forget to read, like and comment with some constructive feedback if you can.

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