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The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening + The Struggle

I first got this book in a charity shop. I'd given it away soon after, being not very impressed by it, but I decided to pick it up again in another charity shop and, to my surprise, I found myself liking it more the second time around. Here's an excerpt: 'Character This book is first… Continue reading The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening + The Struggle

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Weekly Update 30.10.2016

Currently reading: Vampires, Zombies and Philosophy edited by Richard Greene and K Silem Mohammad Weekly Word Count: 2115 Review Word Count: 364 Well, going back to the old strategy of giving myself a word target seems to have worked. I got over 200 words written down in some form or other at any rate but,… Continue reading Weekly Update 30.10.2016

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Weekly Update (23.10.2016)

Currently (re)reading: Anno Dracula by Kim Newman Weekly Word Count: 1095 Review Weekly Word Count: 1908 As you may have noticed, I have a review word count up already and it's a lot higher than my fiction word count. That's because I've changed my daily routine a little to give myself more time for reading… Continue reading Weekly Update (23.10.2016)

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Blood and Ice

This was another charity shop find. It came from the same charity shop as Marked actually. I liked it a lot the first time I read it. I still like it but I have to admit that, from a critical standpoint, it's not the best. Here's an excerpt: 'Character I must say, the nineteenth century characters proved… Continue reading Blood and Ice

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Weekly Update (16.10.2016)

Currently rereading: The Vampire Diaries Books 1 and 2 I'm not putting any word counts on this blog post because, to be perfectly honest, I've completely lost track of how much I've done this week and how much I've done last week too. I thought my holiday in May had been disappointing as far as writing… Continue reading Weekly Update (16.10.2016)

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Weekly Update (02.10.2016)

Currently (re)reading: Blood and Ice by Robert Masello Weekly Word Count: 2222 Review Weekly Word Count: 760 I've at least come to the end of the scene I was stuck on this week and I think I'll do a scene change straight to the next action rather than attempt what could be a clunky and… Continue reading Weekly Update (02.10.2016)