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Weekly Update (02.10.2016)

Currently (re)reading: Blood and Ice by Robert Masello

Weekly Word Count: 2222

Review Weekly Word Count: 760

I’ve at least come to the end of the scene I was stuck on this week and I think I’ll do a scene change straight to the next action rather than attempt what could be a clunky and long transition scene. Besides, I’ve noticed that good stories skip the planning stage of an operation unless the operation is going to fail so I think I’ll get away with it in this scene.

I’ve not been focusing on writing as much I ought to since I wanted to focus on the reading for my next book. This one’s a bit more dense and I’m coming near the end of the lightweight books anyway. I think, perhaps, when I tackle the denser books, I might extend my fortnightly deadline just to give me plenty of time to read the book and write the review. As it is, I think I’ll just make it this time and, until further notice, will put out the next review on schedule.

Speaking of reviews, my ‘Guilty Pleasures’ review was completed in good time and I’ll post it in a moment. Please let me know if you agree with my review or if there’s something I missed.


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