Short Stories

Blessed Peace

This short story was inspired by a story I heard on Radio 4. I won’t tell you what the program was about because it’ll spoil the ending. Anyway, I submitted it to Writer’s Forum and, since it didn’t get published, I’ll submit it here. Here’s the beginning and do be aware that sexual themes and violence are ahead:

I have to do this.

Not just for the money. Not just for the husband that said I was perfect for the job. But, for my son. My oblivious son, not even two, left with the husband. He left stretchmarks on my waist when he was in my belly but the husband told me that wouldn’t ruin the proceedings much. They weren’t too visible.

We needed money badly. My son had worn out all his clothes. He had no toys but what I could sneak out of family bins. In a few years, I’d need to get him school things.’

Read the whole story here

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