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Weekly Update (23.10.2016)

Currently (re)reading: Anno Dracula by Kim Newman

Weekly Word Count: 1095

Review Weekly Word Count: 1908

As you may have noticed, I have a review word count up already and it’s a lot higher than my fiction word count. That’s because I’ve changed my daily routine a little to give myself more time for reading and writing during my lunch break. Half of it used to be taken up by a walk but, now, I’ve decided to sacrifice the walk for the sake of writing. It may not be the best thing for my health but it is certainly the best thing for my next review. That, and the fact that the book in question (Vampire Diaries: The Awakening and The Struggle) was a pretty easy read. Even though it’s extremely close to being fiction, I am not going to submit it early, though. It still needs a bit more work and I want to keep my current routine going as, in contrast, my next book (Anno Dracula) is a very meaty book and is going to need a lot more time to do it justice.

But, onto writing. Though my weekly word count is low, I’m quite happy with what I’ve written. I think I did rather well in an emotional scene with a side character opening up to the main character about how their last ‘adventure’ affected him emotionally and how seeing the main character risk their lives continues to affect them. It’s a subject mostly unexplored in fiction in my opinion. At least, not in great depth. We get to see how much previous events affect the main characters in the long term but rarely the people who just tag along and provide support. Authors, especially those who tell a story from one POV, do tend to forget to develop side characters in general. It’s important for all writers to remember that every character in a story is a main character in their own minds and they have to treat them as such.

Anyway, enough soapboxing. After this post, I’m going to post the last story I submitted to Writer’s Forum as I promised some time ago. Please give it a read and let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update (23.10.2016)”

    1. Oh, absolutely. It’s one of my favourite books and the series is one of my favourites too. The author said in an interview recently that it’s very like the ‘what if Hitler won the war’ books in that it explores what would happen if one of the worst people in the world took power of the most powerful nation in the world – which is a certainly a very relevant question nowadays! Not only do I like for its interesting alternative reality but the world building is second to none and, since it incorporates loads of fictional characters from other works, it’s a great springboard to other books.

      It’s definitely my favourite vampire novel and, at the risk of sounding shamelessly self-promoting, my review of it is right here if you want to find out why:

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