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Weekly Update 30.10.2016

Currently reading: Vampires, Zombies and Philosophy edited by Richard Greene and K Silem Mohammad

Weekly Word Count: 2115

Review Word Count: 364

Well, going back to the old strategy of giving myself a word target seems to have worked. I got over 200 words written down in some form or other at any rate but, as Halloween draws near, I had a scary realisation of my own.

I may have to rewrite my whole first novel.

I’ve realised after a bit of thought that a large part of the narrative doesn’t need to be there and, in order to tie the novels in the series together, I need to introduce the over-arching event early on. So, I’m going to need to rethink my novel series and, since it’s easier than backtracking, I’ll do another rewrite. I’ve done two in the past but, this time, I’m going to do some proper planning on all the novels I intend for the series. I’ve got a history of not following novel plans but it should help me become a bit less daunted by the task than I am now.

So, don’t be surprised if the word count is low next week as I probably will abandon my second novel for now. That doesn’t mean my reviews are going to be cancelled though. I’ve made excellent time in re-reading my next book (because it’s Anno Dracula, one of my favourites). Such excellent time that I’ve finished it already and have even made a start on my next review. I’m not going to alter my schedule, though. I want to use the time I now have to spare to catch up on some other reading that I haven’t been able to get around to.

So, today, I’m going to publish my Vampire Diaries review as usual and you’ll have to wait another fortnight for Anno Dracula. Until then, you may want to dig your sunglasses out of storage because that review is going to be glowing!


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