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Weekly Update (06.11.2016)

Currently reading: Vampires, Zombies and Philosophy edited by Richard Greene and K Silem Mohammad

Weekly Fiction Word Count: 2050

Review Word Count: 2736

Oops, I nearly forgot to make a blog post today. That’s why it’s so late in the day. Sorry about that.

I’m making excellent time with my review. I’ve finished the first draft and I should have plenty of time to redraft it next week. I actually made such good time that I had plenty of time to make plans for my novels. I’m not going to change too much about the first novel. The core events are still there. I’m just going to change the setting slightly and add a recurring element that will become the thing that links all the stories together and directly affect the events of future books. I’m not going to say too much but I will say it’s directly influenced by current events. Writers tend to incorporate major events of their time into their books and some of the current events in my time are too interesting not to use.

I’ve made a start on rewriting my first novel. That’s what my weekly fiction word count is made up of. I’ve not changed too much at this stage apart from adding a prologue and putting in a line which I hope will be more gripping than my last one. I’m going to continue planning my other novels in the meantime. I’ve planned out novel one and two and I’ve initially planned to make a series of five novels. That may change after I’ve had a think though. I’ll keep you posted.


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