Reviews, Vampire Novels

Anno Dracula

This is one of my absolute favourite modern vampire books. Not only does it paint a richly detailed alternate universe but does an excellent job of making vampires seem real.

Here’s an extract:


The book flits between multiple points of view so it’s difficult to narrow down the characters that need to be discussed. I’ve managed to narrow it down to six and I still think I’m missing a few. Just take my word for it that all points of view come from different well-developed characters that never get boring.

One of the most frequent points of view is from Charles Beauregard, a spy for the Diogenes Club and a widower on the point of marrying his dead wife’s cousin (which was only just legal in 1888). It’s made very clear that Charles is still scarred by the loss of his previous wife (Pamela) in childbirth and he got engaged to someone who, though physically similar, has nothing in common with her. Still, despite that lapse of judgement, Charles proves himself a very capable agent.’

Read the whole review here


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