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Weekly Update (13.11.2016)

Currently reading: Vampires, Zombies and Philosophy edited by Richard Greene and K Silem Mohammad

Weekly Word Count:1052

While my word count this week is fairly low, I did manage to plan up to four novels ahead. They’re still pretty much skeleton plans and I intend to add more stuff in the future like subplots and world building. Still, I’m happy with the way things are going. It’s not taking me in the direction I originally intended but I think this one is better. The over-arching theme which I took from current events is shaping the story nicely and I just need to pinpoint a way to bring it slowly into the first book. For now, I’ve just been interspersing news articles to build up to the defining events. It’s the best I can do considering my main character is not directly involved yet. I might think of something better later.

I finished my review in plenty of time and I’m just finishing my current book. While it’s fascinating and I would recommend it to those who want a new look at vampires and zombies, it can get pretty heavy going and it took me two weeks to get to the last article. I’ll post my next review soon after this blog post as usual. This one’s on Anno Dracula and it’s one of my favourites so I think you can guess what blood type I gave it.


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