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Weekly Update (20.11.2016)

Weekly Word Count: 2030

Currently (re)reading: Betrayed by P.C. and Kristin Cast

I spent the week ploughing through Fevre Dream for my next review and I just finished it last night. I’m halfway through compiling my notes to start writing it too. So, I’m making good time for my next review. I’m honestly not sure whether I like Anno Dracula or Fevre Dream better. Anno Dracula has all the references that could help me springboard onto new vampire books, Fevre Dream has the gripping tension of an excellent thriller and both have beautifully built worlds. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ll be able to give you a definitely answer when I’ve written the review.

Again, I did most of my fiction writing at the weekend as a result with a 1000 words each day. I’m close to the end of the first chapter of my new draft and added a prologue in the form of a newspaper article. But, apart from that, it’s the only major change so far. I think it’ll be like that for the better part of ‘the first act’, as I call it.

When planning my books, I’ve tried to seperate the books into 5 ‘acts’, Shakespeare style, to help me identify the stages of the novel and what parts might turn out to be a little slow and need tightening up. It looks good on paper but whether it’ll be as good, uh, in print remains to be seen. What do you do to prevent your novels slowing down?

As of last week, I’ve now written 10 vampire reviews. Which means I need to start thinking about tidying up the review page a bit. I need to make some graphics in for the different categories and add some pictures to represent the blood drops and types. That’s been on my mind for quite some time. That’s why I picked a light book for my next review after Fevre Dream so I can hopefully get that one done quickly to give me a few clear weeks to work on improving this site. I’m rather aware that my site still looks a little underdone. I hope to do something about that before Christmas. What would you recommend I do to make my blog look better?

2 thoughts on “Weekly Update (20.11.2016)”

    1. I tried writing 1000 words a day too but I found that, just to reach that deadline, I was writing stuff of poor quality that I would always end up deleting later. I cut my deadline to 200-500 and that improved the standard of my writing, saving me deleting page upon page of it during redrafting. I’m only doing 1000 a day now because I’m rewriting a piece and feel a bit more confident in writing more.

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