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Fevre Dream

I saw this book on the top of a ‘best modern vampire novels’ list (Anno Dracula was 4th) and, as I was loving A Song of Ice and Fire at the time, I was sure I was in for a great read. I wasn’t wrong and it’s still one of my favourite modern vampire novels. When I went back to it, I still found it a gripping read with plenty of lovely meat for the CROWS but I was surprised not to have enjoyed it as much as Anno Dracula. See below for my reasons.

Here’s an extract:


This is a book of unlikely heroes and villains. The first of the former is Abner Marsh, who is definitely not your usual male lead. He is gruff, fat, ugly and stubborn and the owner of a steamboat company on hard times. He provides a very enjoyable narrative voice with his plain (often politically incorrect) speaking and, in any other author’s hands but George R.R. Martin, he may have run the risk of being either a dumb or an unlikeable character. However, Abner is shown to have brains as well as brawn, able to get out of as much trouble as he gets into, is a capable businessman and a loyal friend to those who’ve earned the privilege, even those that were socially lower than him.’

Read the whole review here


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