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Weekly Update (18.12.2016)

Currently reading: The Tulip Girl by Margaret Dickinson Weekly Word Count: 772 Not a very high word count this week. Christmas certainly has a habit of distracting you. Especially with office parties and evenings out with friends. Thankfully, the bulk of it seems to be over and done with now so, now, I can focus… Continue reading Weekly Update (18.12.2016)

Short Stories

Vampires of War

I got the idea from a big prompt list of supernatural beings and found it quite intriguing. I used the common idea of vampires being revealed in modern society and combined it to ask the question: how long would it take for humans to decide that vampires make great 'human shields' in wars? After all,… Continue reading Vampires of War

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Weekly Update (12.12.2016)

Currently reading: The Mammoth Book of Warriors and Wizardry edited by Sean Wallace Weekly Word Count: 2141 Sorry this is late. I've been on holiday to Strasbourg for most of last week and, while I got some time in between adoring the Christmas markets to write, I didn't have much time yesterday to do an… Continue reading Weekly Update (12.12.2016)

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Originally, I wasn't going to cover sequels in my reviews as I might not have as much to say about them regarding world building. Then, I remembered that all books have to stand on their own, even if they're part of a series, and sequels have the task of developing the world beyond one book's… Continue reading Betrayed

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Weekly Update (04/12/2016)

Currently reading: Huntress by Malinda Lo Weekly Fiction Word Count (as of 1:30pm): 701 Weekly Review Word Count: 2386 As you can see, my review word count is over twice as high as my fiction word count. My fiction word count would be even lower if I hadn't been able to find a few minutes… Continue reading Weekly Update (04/12/2016)