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Originally, I wasn’t going to cover sequels in my reviews as I might not have as much to say about them regarding world building. Then, I remembered that all books have to stand on their own, even if they’re part of a series, and sequels have the task of developing the world beyond one book’s capabilities. It’s also a good way of seeing if the author can learn from their mistakes and take on constructive feedback. Sadly, Betrayed doesn’t manage this.

Here’s an extract:


I’ve said a lot of what needs to be said about Zoey Redbird in my review of Marked but suffice it to say that not a lot has changed. She’s still a very annoying narrative voice and is still much too stressed about receiving privilege and powers. I get that the author might have wanted to give her the problem all teenagers face: the desire to fit in, but, in this scenario, she just sounds ungrateful rather than relatable. However, as the book progressed, Zoey actually started to improve a little bit.’

Read the whole review here

This will be my last review of 2016 so, to those of you following my reviews, I hope you enjoy it and Merry Christmas!


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