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Weekly Update (04/12/2016)

Currently reading: Huntress by Malinda Lo

Weekly Fiction Word Count (as of 1:30pm): 701

Weekly Review Word Count: 2386

As you can see, my review word count is over twice as high as my fiction word count. My fiction word count would be even lower if I hadn’t been able to find a few minutes before I go out to work to write some of my manuscript. I find that’s a good time to do my writing. Pity I don’t have more of it.

Today, I did some work on a short story which I intend to submit to the Other Worlds short story competition on Writers Online. Has anyone submitted to that website’s competitions in the past? Do you know what they usually look for or give any advice to help me better my entry? That is, I will submit the story if it’s finished on time. As always, if I don’t win, I’ll post it here.

Speaking of time, I’ve decided to take a break from reviewing. As you can see, it’s starting to take over my life and my ‘to-read’ list of new non-vampire books is rising. To that end, I’ve gone ahead and finished my next review of Betrayed by P.C. and Kristin Cast, which I’ll post after this blogpost. Then, I’ll take a break from reviewing until the new year. I’ll use that time to catch up on reading, focus on my manuscript and, if I’ve got some time left over, to finalise the artwork for my future reviews. Perhaps, even give my website a revamp. Depends on time, of course.

So, please, enjoy my last review of vampire novels of the year. I really think it’s helped me as a writer and I think I’ve learned a few things that will improve my own work too!

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