Short Stories

Vampires of War

I got the idea from a big prompt list of supernatural beings and found it quite intriguing. I used the common idea of vampires being revealed in modern society and combined it to ask the question: how long would it take for humans to decide that vampires make great ‘human shields’ in wars? After all, they are much more resilient to damage, may not be well-regarded enough in society to warrant a scandal and, since they’re technically dead anyway, the government has an excuse to withhold war pensions or even mention them on memorials.

Here’s an extract below:

‘After the blast, the first thing I remember thinking was, ‘I lived two hundred years for this?’

I had lived through too many regional wars and two world wars and it was all going to end in a roadside bomb. I hadn’t even got an interview on Coffin Hour or my profile published on yet.

Whose bright idea was it to make vampires legally recognised, anyway? It took all the fun out of un-life.’

Read the whole story here

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