Weekly Updates

Weekly Update (18.12.2016)

Currently reading: The Tulip Girl by Margaret Dickinson

Weekly Word Count: 772

Not a very high word count this week. Christmas certainly has a habit of distracting you. Especially with office parties and evenings out with friends. Thankfully, the bulk of it seems to be over and done with now so, now, I can focus more on writing in the coming weeks so you should see a higher word count in the next update. I also haven’t updated my review with the graphics yet. Sorry about that.

That’s due on Christmas day itself. I’m debating as to whether or not I want to do a weekly update on that day or leave it until Boxing Day. I suppose I’ll have to wait until the day and see how I feel so you might hear from me or you might not.

You might notice that the book I’ve started reading isn’t my usual fare. I can safely say that it’s been years since I read any kind of pure romance novel (unless it was a classic) but one of my friends asked if I wanted to borrow it and, on a whim, I said yes. It is good to get out of your usual genre every so often and see the techniques everyone else uses. I’ve only just started so I can’t say if I like it yet so that’ll be something to talk about in the next update.

If I don’t update on the day, I’ll say Merry Christmas now so: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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