Weekly Updates (01.01.2017)

Currently reading: The Diamond of Drury Lane by Julia Golding

Fortnightly Word Count (from 19.12.2016): 8088

Happy New Year, everyone! And, as you can see, I’ve decided to celebrate by improving my blog a bit. I’ve changed the name (the old one was rather unimaginative), the header (that picture wasn’t intentional, it was just the best I could find in my folders) and, most of all, I’ve created a whole new blog for my reviews. Since they’re getting to be a bit too big for this website, I’ve decided to give them their own called ‘As the CROWS feast’. You can check it out here and I’ll be moving reviews from here to there in the next few months.

I feel I’ve made good use of the Christmas break. My word count for the fortnight shows that rather nicely. With a few exceptions, I managed to go over 1000 words a day in the last week too. I know full well this won’t continue when I go back to work but I will do my best.

I just wish I could have made as good progress with reading. I finished ‘The Tulip Girl’ last week. I felt the writing could have been a lot better and I could see some of the plot twists coming a mile off. Sometimes, I thought the author even cared more about giving instructions on tulip care than the story too. Still, I don’t regret reading it and I managed to devour ‘The Bullet Catcher’s Daughter’ afterwards, a book that was recommended by a fellow blogger and is much more to my taste. The steampunk world is great to dive into and the story is a lovely take on the detective searching for a missing person tale. I would definitely recommend it.

Now, I’m reading ‘The Diamond of Drury Lane’ (a book bought on a whim in a second hand bookshop) but my to-read list is still very high. So, I won’t be able to do many new reviews soon. I’ll stagger posting my old ones on my new blog and that should hopefully give me time to get through everything (provided I don’t get up to my old tricks and buy new ones anyway).

I also won’t be providing the promised new graphics. I need both a new tablet and a new drawing software before I can consider it and I’m not in a position to get either at the moment. Once I do, however, I’ll do my best to create better headers my blogs in place of the public domain images and create graphics for my reviews.


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