Weekly Updates

Weekly Update (08.01.2017)

Currently reading: The Vampire Shrink by Lynda Hilburn

Weekly Word Count: 2758

Back to normal life again. I’m back at work and back on limited time to write. With one exception, I managed to clear 200 words every day and to exceed it at the weekend, despite time constraints and a few conflicting priorities (like Dishonored 2!).

I’m at the moment in my novel when I diverge most strongly from my previous drafts. I’ve decided to stop dragging out dramatic irony and establish the presence of vampires early. I’ve learned from my reviewing that it’s a wise choice to make as it gives more time for world-building. Speaking of which, the book I’m reading now is definitely a good candidate for the CROWS. It was a chance purchase in a second hand book shop in Beverley and I’m certainly not regretting it so far.

While I’m on the subject, the transfer of reviews from this blog to my review blog has begun. Since I’d like to begin on a high, I’ve decided to transfer my highest rated book review first: Anno Dracula. My review has been officially taken off this website so, if you want to read it, you can find a link either on the old page or right here.


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