On Writing

Weekly Update (15.01.2016)

Currently reading: The Mammoth Book of Dracula edited by Stephen Jones

Weekly Word Count: 2032

If I still did New Year’s Resolutions, my current one would be to spend more time on WordPress. Simply going through my feed on Sunday evening is just not good enough. It means I’m not giving the posts my full attention and I’m probably missing some great stuff. I’m definitely going to try and check on my wordpress feed every day.

Another resolution would be to always back up my files. Due to technical difficulties, I was forced to do a hard reset on my tablet and effectively wipe it clean. Most of my stories had been backed up but I still lost a lot of pictures and probably a few short stories. I’m trying hard not to think too much about it. Realising exactly what I’ve lost will probably make me feel worse.

I don’t do resolutions. I do remember-lutions instead. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it but it’s an idea put forward by Buzzfeed a few years ago, meant to combat the negative feelings that often come with resolutions and instead recording the positive things that occurred during the year. I’ve done it for a few years and it’s nice to read through them at the end of the year because you’re bound to forget some of the little things that made you smile. Here’s the original article with more details. I’ve already added three to my jar. While they might not be massive achievements (like having a piece published), they’re achievements to me and that’s what matters.

Anyway, back to writing. I’ve managed to write at least 200 words per day on all but one days. My reading is going a lot better. Traffic difficulties meant I haven’t got much time to read before work but I’m still getting through books at a good pace. I might have cleared my to-read list (that previously seemed insurmountable) by the end of the month. That’ll be something for the remember-lutions jar!


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